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Things for a prospect to consider:

The pride RAMC members have is founded in the good we do for our communities and not because we're in this for an ego boost. RAMC is not a 1% Motorcycle Club so donít try to act like it. Our fellowship is rooted in doing right by our community. Putting on airs and acting like an ass is not part of our RAMC culture.

A traditional Motorcycle Club and a Moto Club are not the same. RAMC is not a traditional Motorcycle Club; we are a moto club. Traditional Motorcycle Clubs do not admit moped/scooter riders; RAMC does and is therefore a moto club.


  • Do not refer to someone else thatís in an Motorcycle Club as a brother.
  • Do not put location rockers on your back; RAMC does not have territories.
  • Do not pretend that you live the biker lifestyle if you donít.
  • Do not pretend the RAMC is or is equal to a 3-patch Motorcycle Club. The demands of RAMC membership are not as rigorous as those of a traditional Motorcycle Club. For members of more traditional Motorcycle Clubs, the club comes first before all else. RAMC does not require such a commitment, so donít pretend that your commitment to RAMC is like the commitment of traditional Motorcycle Club members.
  • Do not bash or talk trash about Motorcycle Clubs.

Our interests are riding, doing good for our community and enjoying the fellowship of like-minded people. We ask members to check their ego at the door when we get together and that we treat each other with respect. We are not a Harley or Vespa only club and we don't give others a hard time about what they ride. We care about the ride, our community and our fellowship and not any perceived ego-boost gained from riding a motorcycle instead of a scooter, riding a prestigious brand instead of a homemade ride, riding a new bike, riding an antique bike or having a custom bike. Again, we're about the ride, our community and our fellowship. We want our club to remain a focused, positive and supportive place for our members to recharge our "batteries". We're not interested in bringing drama into to the club.

RAMC isn't about ego or unfounded pride; we know who we are and what we're about. Some RAMC members are not in a position to publically identify themselves as being a RAMC member even when they are riding. We therefore do not publically post group pictures, publically identify RAMC members, charter locations and do not require that members wear patches or symbols that can easily identify them as being a RAMC member. Again, more than anything, RAMC is interested in your character, your attitude, your support of your community and your enthusiasm in the ride.

If that sounds like the type of group you'd like to be a part of, the first step in becoming a member is to join us in a ride. We don't charge for rides and since we are a fairly small group, rides are not a big overly-elaborate ordeal. We meet at a chosen time and place and then we ride. A short motorcycle ride is about 100 miles and longer rides are about 350 miles. Motor-scooter rides are usually organized around an activity.

If you like the people you ride with and can deal with the ride, then you can petition for prospect status. We don't treat prospective members poorly in order to prove themselves to the club because if you're a prospect, you've already proved yourself by the work you've done for your community. The length of the time one remains a prospective member has more to do with the prospective member's attitude than anything else.




Full Patch Members: Sons and Daughters

Full patch RAMC membership is a privilege earned by demonstrations of character and by successfully completing a prospect club membership. Those wishing to become full patch members must:

  • Motorcycles: Own their own motorcycle (500cc and above)
  • Moto-Scooters: Own their own non-pedal scooter (50cc and above).
  • Be voted in as a prospect member by at least 75% of the full patch chapter members.
  • Successfully complete their prospect membership period.
  • Exhibit a character that supports the goals and philosophy of RAMC.
  • Remain current in their membership dues.
  • Be a trans or supportive community member.

Full RAMC members are known as Sons and Daughters. Membership is open to the trans and supportive community.

Non-Member Supporter: Cousins

Any supporter can refer to themselves as being part of Rebecca's Army. While a supporter is not officially affiliated with RAMC, a supporter is authorized to own some RAMC gear. Those who are not members and who support RAMC are known as Cousins