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A Note From Rebecca:

June 1843

Reverend Sir,

I, with one of my daughters, have recently been on a journey to Aberayron, and amongst other things have heard many things respecting you, namely, that you have built a schoolroom in the upper part of the parish, and that you have been very dishonest in the erection of it, and that you promised a free school for the people, but that you have converted it into a church, and that you get £80 by the year for serving it. Now, if this is true, you may give the money back, every halfpenny of it, otherwise if you do not, I with 500 or 600 of my daughters will come and visit you, and destroy your property five times to the value of it, and make you a subject of scorn and reproach through-out the whole neighborhood. You know that I care nothing about the gates, and you shall be like them exactly, because I am averse to every tyranny and oppression.




Rebecca's Army:

The Army's motto, "Possess the gate of those which hate them" was the motto used by those involved in the 19th century Rebeccan Riots and represents the philosophy of their movement. The motto is taken from an obscure Bible passage (Genesis 24:60) and refers to the gates of a city. It literally means to take the power from those who hate you.


Depiction of the Rebecca Riots, Illustrated London News 1843

Rebecca was a small army of individuals who used subversive expression as a means of targeting oppression. In time, they became an army of folk heroes that numbered in the thousands. Rebecca fought for justice against an oppressive legal system that crippled the ability of common people to live fruitful lives. For a more detailed historical account of the Rebeccan movement, click here.

Members of the Rebecca's Army Moto Club (RAMC) embodies the spirit of the Rebeccan movement. RAMC members are invested in improving the quality of life traditionally oppressed communities (Queer, Women, Black, Trans, etc). For more information about what it means to be a full patch RAMC member, click here.