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Demonstrations of Character:

Full patch RAMC membership as a Sibling, Son, or Daughter is a privilege earned by real demonstrations of character. Demonstrations of character are more important to carrying out the club's mission than any other membership requirement.

Each member has demonstrated that they have acted to improve the quality of life for oppressed communities. Our members demonstrate their character through their choice of vocation and/or service to their community.

Our members have:

  • Played significant roles in the fight against HIV/AIDS
  • Played significant roles in fighting homelessness
  • Set up programs, services and agencies dedicated to increasing the wellbeing of their community

There's an old biker saying called DILLIGAF which stands for, "Does It Look Like I Give A Fuck?" RAMC members reject the idea that apathy is somehow interesting or useful. To paraphrase Edmund Burke, "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing." Doing nothing, refusing to care and choosing to be flippant about the wellbeing of our community is what each hate group hopes to see in oppressed communities. RAMC members refuse to aid "those which hate us" with our indifference.

Our members are advocates for justice and equality. Whether it's setting up low-cost heath clinics or performing gorilla journalism, our members make meaningful improvements to our community's wellbeing. Our Sons and Daughters are not pushovers. We are the people our oppressors worry about. We take the wellbeing of our community very seriously. The original RAMC members cut their teeth in the Deep South and learned that if we want to win, we have to play to win.

Character defines a RAMC members. Character is our destiny and our legacy. It is for this reason, RAMC membership is not something to be taken lightly.



Club Dues:

Club dues are $20/month and are due by the 15th of each month. Club dues support the continued wellbeing of the club as well as RAMC charity work. Special arrangements can be made for students and for those on a fixed income on a case-by-case basis.




Full patch members become eligible to wear a full patch when they have successfully completed their prospect membership period.

The patch:

The club colors are black and white, which symbolize the yin and yang of existence as well as the balance between the two extremes.

Our patch represents the sprit of the Rebeccan movement. The blacked out cowl and axe were common icons of the Army of Rebecca. Many who suffered under the brutality of unjust laws viewed Rebecca as an angel of mercy and when the Army of Rebecca moved against oppressors, they were sometimes seen as angels of vengeance. The heart represents compassion and the motto of the Rebeccan movement is shown prominently.

Front Vest Patches:

These patches are usually warn on the front of the vest on the left and right hand sides.

R.A.M.C.: Rebecca's Army Moto Club

SONS, DAUGHTERS, SIBLINGS: Notes what type of member you represent and is usually worn under the RAMC patch

SOLITARY: A RAMC member who does not belong to any one chapter.

SETTLER: Identifies a member as one of the first 3 to start a chapter.

CLEAN & SOBER: Identifies a member who is straight edged.


Rocker Patches:

Unlike traditional motorcycle club rockers, these are not territory patches. These banner-style rockers are somewhat smaller than traditional rockers and are worn under The Patch on the back.

GATECRASHER: Identifies a member as being a significantly engaged activist for their community. These are folks who tend to be a particularly stubborn thorn in the side of those who want to prohibit all American citizens from enjoying their 14th amendment guarantees. 

GATE WATCHER: Identifies a member as being someone who excels at recognizance and information gathering. These are folks who alert others when "those which hate us" attempt to increase the suffering within our community.

VANGUARD: Identifies a member as being someone who regularly participates in the planning and/or execution of actions designed to improve the quality of life for oppressed communities.

These patches are awarded to members as special recognition of their character.

Other Patches:

Participation Patches: These are patches that are given to Sons, Daughters and Cousins in recognition of their participation of a RAMC action, activity or annual run.

Stars: These are awarded to Sons and Daughters who have demonstrated a significant act of character during a club action or activity.

The Axe: These are awarded to Sons and Daughters who have played a pivotal role in an action that is so significant to the trans and supportive community that it touches the lives of many people in a positive way.  

There are a number of other patches, pins and symbols that RAMC members wear that are not generally disclosed to non-members.



Full Patch Members: Sons, Daughters, Siblings

Full patch RAMC membership is a privilege earned by demonstrations of character and by successfully completing a prospect club membership. Those wishing to become full patch members must:

  • Motorcycles: Own their own motorcycle (500cc and above)
  • Scooters: Own their own non-pedal scooter (50cc and above).
  • Be voted in as a prospect member by at least 75% of the full patch chapter members.
  • Successfully complete their prospect membership period.
  • Exhibit a character that supports the goals and philosophy of RAMC.
  • Remain current in their membership dues.

Full RAMC members are known as Sons, Daughters, or Siblings. Prospective members read this.

Non-Member Supporter: Cousins

Any supporter can refer to themselves as being part of Rebecca's Army. While a supporter is not officially affiliated with RAMC, a supporter is authorized to own some RAMC gear. Those who are not members and who support RAMC are known as Cousins.


*Physical violence is ineffectual tool for what we're about and isn't condoned.